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August 2015

4 Expert Tips to Address Cracks in Basement Walls

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First, let’s start with the obligatory disclaimer: Some cracks in the basement wall are no big deal, and others are a sign of a serious problem with the foundation of the house. It’s virtually impossible for a layperson to tell the difference.

Before you attempt any repairs on your own, make sure you contact a qualified foundation specialist for an evaluation. If your cracks are caused by a serious problem, any of the measures to fix those cracks will be temporary at best. In fact, failure to address the underlying cause can make things much worse down the line.

Great, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about some steps to address cracks in basement walls. This hurdle could be the last thing keeping you from the Man Cave of your dreams! Read More

3 Non-Traditional Uses for Parging

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By now you have heard us talk a lot about the importance of parging for the exterior of your home. If you have a chance to view the photo gallery on our website, you will see many examples of the traditional uses of parging on exterior foundation walls.

Fair enough, the vast majority of parging projects are to do just that – protect the foundation from the harsh elements of the climate in Edmonton.

But are there any other uses for parging around the home? As a matter of fact – there are! Parging is a versatile material that can have many uses to help protect your house, and it looks good while doing it! Read More

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