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November 2014

Protecting Your Foundation from the Winter Chill

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parging edmonton protect foundationWell, it’s official. Winter has arrived in Edmonton. At this time of year, our thoughts start to turn to the upcoming holidays and winter activities to while away the hours until warmer weather returns. If you’re a homeowner in Edmonton or the surrounding area, you might be wondering if the arrival of Old Man Winter means that you need to forgo your plans to repair or replace the parging around the foundation of your Edmonton home.

The answer is probably yes, unless the forecast shows a sustained warm spell coming our way in the near future. By warm, we don’t mean “Edmonton in Winter” warm temperatures that are only considered nice relative to really, really cold. We’re talking about an unseasonably warm period of at least several days. If you’re wondering why something as durable as parging needs such specialized conditions to be effective, read on. Read More

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