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We are J and J Coatings, professional parging experts.


Parging Edmonton

There’s no question that a fresh coat of parging looks great! More importantly, a properly applied parging coat from the experts at J and J Coatings provides extra insulation and adds another layer of protection for your foundation and your home from the harsh weather conditions for which Edmonton is famous. But what is parging? Parging is a thin, masonry-based layer typically applied near the base of a house or commercial property, right where the foundation meets the ground. In addition to the added layer of insulation, this coating helps to protect your foundation. To make sure your parging repair job or new application is a success story, choose the parging experts at J and J Coatings.

J and J Coatings is the premier choice for parging services in Edmonton. Since 2007, we have built a strong reputation for our expert workmanship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our thirty-year warranty on labour and materials is a testament to the quality of our services, and we stand by every job we undertake. When you choose J and J Coatings, you can trust that you are working with an experienced and reliable Edmonton parging contractor that is dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

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New Parging Applications

The #1 job of parging is protecting the foundation of your home or business from deterioration. It literally helps hold the building up. Parging basement walls is an affordable, versatile material, but a proper application is critical to prevent damage! The first step to learning more about the J and J Coatings difference is to contact us for a complimentary quote.

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Parging Repair

It may seem like parging repairs should be a simple matter of adding some new parging to areas that are cracked or damaged, but it’s complicated. A band-aid solution found when searching how to repair parging MIGHT fix your problem for the season, but a job done right will save you time and money in the long run. Talk to us about repairs that will last as long as you own your home.

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Knowledge, Experience, and Flexibility

Our time is valuable, but we understand that yours is too! That’s why we take pride in being prompt with our communications and punctual with our appointments. With our knowledge, experience, and flexibility, we can provide the right solution for your home or business – working on your timeline and within your budget — to provide a level of service that is our calling card. Whether your job is a small repair on a private home or a total replacement on a commercial property, the J and J Coatings commitment to safety remains the same. We are Work Safe Alberta compliant, and our entire team is CSTS-certified because we believe a safe workforce is an effective workforce. J and J Coatings is an award-winning parging company, having been named to the Homestars “Best of Edmonton” list for four years in a row. Our past customers have been happy to recommend us to family and friends, and we believe you will be too! If you need a new parging application or a small repair to the existing parging on your home, you can contact us today to arrange a free, no-obligation quote.

Our work is backed by the best quality assurance in the industry. Our customers enjoy a 30-year conditional warranty on all parging services, at no added cost.

Meet Our Founders

Together, Jeff and Josh combine their strengths to lead J and J Coatings, striving for excellence in every project and setting new benchmarks in the parging industry.

Jeff MacLeod

Since entering the parging industry in 2007, Jeff MacLeod has steered J and J Coatings with a visionary approach...

Since entering the parging industry in 2007, Jeff MacLeod has steered J and J Coatings with a visionary approach, transforming it into a leading service provider known for its exceptional workmanship and business integrity. Jeff's strategic leadership not only focuses on achieving technical excellence in parging applications but also on fostering strong client relationships and sustainable business practices. His commitment to quality and efficiency has positioned J and J Coatings as a trusted partner in protecting and enhancing residential and commercial properties.

Josh Hallen

An expert in parging applications, Josh Hallen's profound knowledge and hands-on experience form the...

An expert in parging applications, Josh Hallen's profound knowledge and hands-on experience form the backbone of J and J Coatings' operations. Josh’s commitment to excellence is evident in every project, ensuring that each application not only protects but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the property. His technical skill and innovative methods have helped set J and J Coatings apart as leaders in the parging industry.

What Our Clients Say

They were on time and did great work. Friendly and explained how they were doing the job. Im very happy with the work they did.

Pamela in EdmontonParging

The crew that was here got the job done in just a few hours. I couldn't believe how fast they were. And the noise wasn't really that bad. The final product is amazing. I don't think the parging has ever been repaired on my 1950s bungalow. Now, all the cracks, imperfections and any crumbling bits are gone and it looks SO amazing! It really has made a huge difference in the appearance of my house. Highly recommend!

Private User, Edmonton, ABOld Home Refresh

Original Parging had discolored on one side of house facing sun, and the crew came by and provided me with a quote for completion and within a week the job was done!
Very happy with results!

Private User, St. Albert, ABRedo Parging Side House

I submitted for a quote and they came out to see what was needed. I had a quote that same day. A crew came out and did the job in one day. The parging looks great and we are very satisfied.

Grant, St., Beaumont, ABOld Parging Removal And New Parging Applied

Josh came out for a quote the next morning after I called J and J Coatings and took the time to explain everything they would do and answer my questions. I was told it was a two week wait for bookings. To my surprise when I called to hire them, they had an opening a few days later. The crew was able to finish the job over the course of an afternoon. They were courteous, professional, and cleaned everything up. The new parging looks great too and is backed by a long warranty.

Dustin, Edmonton, ABAmazing Company And Service

Competent, reliable honest trustworthy. Repaired parging and hairline cracking in Foundation. Work completed May 16th, 2023 and was done quickly with all debris cleaned up and removed. Looks great! Bonus 30 year warranty and finding of a possible problem and repair of foundation wall that certainly would have caused problems in the future. Thank you.

Louise Rogucki, Sherwood Park, ABParging And Foundation Hairline Detoration

Great work, exactly as quoted, minimum disturbance of my flower beds and shrubs. Came on the day they were scheduled, finished the work in a timely manner and were great to deal with. Listened to my pre work concerns and provided a good explanation of what I could expect from the work. Once the work started it went along smoothly and exactly as described. I wish all contractors operated this way, I was really happy with the quality and performance of the work scope. I'd recommend to anyone looking to have this type of work done.

Sean in Hinton, Spruce Grove, ABHouse Parging

This company not only did outstanding work, but went out of their way to complete the job on a quick timeline without compromising the integrity of the job. The people are extremely pleasant, and are focused on customer service. I highly recommend J& J Coating - Parging Experts.

Michele in Vancouver, Edmonton, ABParging

The parging on the foundation of our home had been painted by a former owner, some was falling off, cracked, etc. J And J removed all faulting parging, did a great job of cleaning up, then replaced it. They did such a good job--it looks like a new house! We are delighted with the work.

Private User, Edmonton, ABReplace Old Parging On Foundation Of Our Home

Looks fantastic. Well - organized high - quality work. Excellent curb appeal. This home has foundation cracks. Expansion and contraction occurred 2 months after the job was completed {not their fault}. I called their office, they came back to the site, repaired the affected areas with a coating solution, free of charge. Excellent work!

Private User, Edmonton, ABFull Foundation Parging