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4 Reasons Why Your House Needs Parging

By July 24, 2015April 30th, 2024No Comments

The very idea of parging seems strange to people looking at a newly poured concrete foundation. Why would more masonry be necessary to protect… masonry? If you’re a homeowner, and especially if you’re the owner of a brand new home in a place like Edmonton where the climate is harsh, here are four reasons why your house needs parging.

Parging – The Finishing TouchJ and J Coatings - New House Parging

A poured concrete foundation is the ultimate triumph of function over form. It’s certainly a base for your house that will withstand the test of time, albeit not a pretty one.

It’s also full of pits and seams and holes of all shapes and sizes, and if the rest of the area is still under construction, it will constantly look dirty. Parging fills those imperfections and adds a nice finishing touch.

Parging Provides Insulation

Canada is known all over the world as a land of snow and ice (which is hilarious given today’s temperature, but we digress). Parging provides an extra layer of insulation against rain, wind, ice and snow. But more importantly, it helps protect the foundation from those elements.

When your foundation has seams and holes and pits, the expansion and contraction that come along with freeze and thaw cycles can cause pieces to crack and fall away.Gallery Image 16

Parging can help keep this condition, known as spalling, from happening.

Parging Protects Against CRITTERS!

Sure, parging provides a barrier against the weather. But it also helps protect against all kinds of other things that you’d really, really rather keep outside.

Have you ever seen the size of a mouse’s head? It’s pretty small. If the head can fit through an opening, so can the rest of the body. Are you shuddering yet?

Great! Now think about how many bugs can fit through an opening big enough for a mouse’s head. Ready to book your parging consult now?

Parging Improves Curb Appeal

A freshly parged surface just looks better. When a house looks good from the outside, it speaks volumes about the care and attention paid to the overall maintenance of the home.

Curb appeal is an important part of determining a home’s value. “But wait,” you say. “We JUST moved into this brand new house!” The value of the home matters for more than when you try to sell it. There’s a good chance a lot of your assets are tied up in the purchase of your home. If you’re planning to borrow against that asset at some point, you’re going to want the estimated value to be a high one.

Now that we’ve convinced you that your home needs parging, it’s time to make sure you’re working with professionals. We’re the parging experts to keep your home in Edmonton and the surrounding area protected from the elements for years to come. Give us a call to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate!

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