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Do Affordable Alternatives to Parging Exist?

By August 3, 2020May 6th, 2024No Comments

Being a local Alternatives to parging Edmonton stone veneerexpert in parging means that we get to talk to a lot of people in Edmonton about their home maintenance concerns. We’re often asked by curious homeowners if there are any alternatives to parging, and our first response is: Why on earth would anyone want an alternative to parging?

Parging is an incredibly versatile material that can protect your home’s foundation from the harsh elements of an Edmonton winter. It can also keep the house warmer by filling up small cracks that would otherwise let in the cold air. But then we remember that makes us sound pretty biased. So, on to the question at hand, do affordable alternatives to parging in Edmonton exist?

Using Stone Veneer Instead of Parging

Stone veneer can also be used to cover vertical surfaces, and it is used in ways that are similar to parging. Whether it’s made from natural or synthetic stone, its functions can be practical or decorative. Sometimes, it’s a little of both. The materials used in stone veneer are light, so additional structural supports are not required for an installation.

We’ll grudgingly admit that it looks alright, though frankly, a top-notch parge coat looks just as good. And before you rush off to find someone to add this finish to your home’s exterior, you should know that there are at least a couple of drawbacks to the process.

Disadvantages of Using Stone Veneer

OK, it looks pretty, we’ll give you that, but stone veneer finishes are known for being the “special snowflakes” of the exterior finish world. The installation has to be flawless, or the damage to your home will be almost immediate. It’s also incredibly susceptible to discolouration if it’s touched by rain or salt, and it costs around THREE TIMES MORE than covering a similar area with a high-quality coat of parging. They’re offering stone veneer as a finishing touch IN A BENTLEY. Seriously.

In other words, for a lot MORE money, you can end up with an exterior finish that doesn’t withstand the test of time nearly as well as an expertly-applied coat of parging from J and J Coatings. Hm. It seems like using stone veneer as an alternative to parging isn’t a very good idea at all. It certainly doesn’t fit the bill as an affordable option!

If you’re looking for ways to protect your house from Edmonton’s harsh weather, contact us with your questions about parging. Be sure to join our online communities on Twitter and Facebook for practical home improvement tips all year round.