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Parging Damage: What’s a Homeowner to do?

By August 15, 2016May 22nd, 2019Home Improvement, Parging, Parging Repairs

Everybody knows, or at least can understand, that with great increases in population come great increases in new home construction. Since 1975, Edmonton’s population has doubled. At just over 40 years old, that leaves these houses with many systems that are nearing the end of their useful life expectancy.

For example, many homes of this age will have signs of wear on the parge coat. After decades of enduring the freeze/thaw cycles that are part of life in Edmonton, this is to be expected. The parging may be cracked, flaking, or even falling away from the home in some cases. What is a homeowner to do when this happens? We have the answers!

Parging Repair

The first thing to keep in mind that is that cracked parging does not mean you have to spend time fixing foundation cracks. It means the parge coat has been doing its job providing a first layer of defence against the harsh outdoor elements. Whether it’s covering brick, poured concrete or cinder block foundations, the thin layer of parging is surprisingly strong, and unless it started to fail quite some time ago, it is still protecting your home.

In some cases, if the area of damage is contained to one part of the house, it may be possible to complete a parging repair in that area only. But you should take the time to investigate the underlying cause in case there is more severe trouble, like a leak or problem with the grading, that is causing water to pool and therefore damage to the parging.

Know When it is Time to Replace the Parging

As we said, many houses in Edmonton are of a certain age. If there are significant areas of damage, it’s not practical to repair the parging. It can end up being an annual game of “Whack-a-Mole” as new trouble spots pop up every spring. When this happens, it means water, snow, salt and all the other things we generally like to keep away from the house have an opening to make their way inside.

When it’s time to replace the parging, be sure to thoroughly investigate any Edmonton parging company you choose to complete the work. Your new parge coat can last as long as the old one did, but only if it’s applied correctly! Ask questions about the right time of year for the application, and whether or not they stand by their work with a warranty on materials and labour.

If your parging is in need of replacement or repair, there is still time to get it done before winter hits, but you don’t have long. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation consultation before it’s too late!

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