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Parging Basement Walls

For many homes, new and old, parging provides the finishing touch that makes it look complete. It’s an added layer of insulation and a means of protecting against the elements, and yet the specific purpose when it comes to parging basement walls is vastly misunderstood. Take some time to learn more about parging foundation walls and parging concrete foundations.

Parging Foundation Walls

We don’t mean to nitpick, but generally when people are inquiring about parging basement walls, what they really mean is parging foundation walls. A coat of parging can indeed be used to add an additional layer of insulation on basement walls inside; but generally, parging is used for exterior applications. Parging is applied to the foundation where it meets the ground.

Cement Parging Foundation

It may seem strange to suggest that the material to protect a poured concrete foundation is a mortar-based cement parging foundation, but the purpose of parging is to provide a protective layer that can be replaced when it becomes necessary. All cement deteriorates over time, but by providing a primary layer, the parge coat, the cement foundation is protected by the first line of defence.

Parging Concrete Foundation

Owners of brand new homes are sometimes surprised to learn that parging the concrete foundation, especially a newly-poured one, is necessary. A new concrete foundation is certainly strong, but the area where it meets the ground is vulnerable to the elements and parging can provide a layer of protection. It can also seal normal, surface-level cracks, pits and small holes. This is important to help keep insects and rodents outside where they belong!

J and J Coatings delivers parging Edmonton homeowners have come to rely upon since 2007. We offer complimentary quotes and can provide expert guidance to help you choose the right solution to protect your home. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation to assess the current condition of your home’s parging.