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Does Parging Serve a Practical Purpose?

By April 12, 2017May 22nd, 2019Parging, Parging Repairs
parging poured concrete

We are active online on Twitter and on Facebook, and we love having an opportunity to interact with the community in Edmonton and the surrounding area. Our favourite thing about it is sharing information about the benefits of repairing or replacing parging to protect the foundation of your home.

One interesting question we received is this one on Facebook: “Does parging serve a purpose other than cosmetic?” Yes. Yes, it does.

New Edmonton Parging Applications

Parging is a masonry-based coating applied to vulnerable areas of the home’s exterior, like the foundation, to protect it from the damage that comes from exposure to snow, ice, and water. In new construction, parging is crucial at the outset to cover cracks and fill pits, holes and voids in the freshly poured concrete of a new foundation.

When dealing with existing construction, the recommendation of Edmonton parging experts may vary depending on the condition of the current parge coat. In some cases, total removal and replacement may be the best option to create the most aesthetically pleasing finish that also provides the best seal.

Parging Repairs in Edmonton

We liken a small crack in the parging around your foundation to a small leak in the faucet or a little rattle in the car. It may start off small, but it rarely stays that way for long. When there is a crack in the parging, the seal is broken and the very stuff you are trying to keep away from the house – wind, water, snow and ice – can be held up even closer to the foundation by what’s left of the parging.

Nobody likes the added expense of an unexpected home repair. If you notice a small crack in the parging, it may be possible to provide a small fix that will hold for long enough to let you decide what to do on a longer-term basis. Feel free to send us pictures of the damaged area as part of our no-obligation consultation service. We can help you figure out what to do next.

Book Parging Appointments to Avoid Disappointment

The best way to find out how parging can help protect the foundation of your home from the elements is to arrange a no-obligation consultation to assess the condition of the existing exterior finish and develop a plan to move forward. Because the weather is a significant factor in the timing of a fresh coat of parging, the best time to schedule an appointment is in the spring to make sure your job can be scheduled this year.

We are now taking appointments for the 2017 parging season! Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. To help speed up your inquiry, please send us your address and Edmonton cross street, the nature of the parging work you would like to have done, and some pictures of your areas of concern with your home’s parging. We will get back to you as soon as possible.