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Quick Fix Home Repairs

By August 6, 2014May 20th, 2015Home Improvement

8464647We have already told you what projects you should never try to do yourself, and we stand by our claims. We also think that you should hire a professional for any project around your house that you’re not comfortable doing on your own, and that band-aid solutions are never a good idea long term. But we’re realistic too. Last time we checked, there aren’t a lot of money trees growing in Edmonton, so sometimes you need a quick patch around your house until you are able to take care of a problem the right way. Here are a few quick fix home repairs that are the home maintenance equivalent of patching a tire.

Home Repairs that Do the Trick

  1. Old windows are a huge drain on energy. Every year you don’t get around to replacing an old window, it costs you money! But if it’s not happening this year either, you can actually insulate windows with bubble wrap. It’s not pretty so it won’t work in your living room, but it’s a remarkably effective solution for a window in the basement.
  2. Frozen pipes are a pain, and if they break when they thaw it’s a serious mess to clean up on top of a hefty plumbing bill. A hair dryer on low can work to thaw a frozen area on a pipe, but using electrical appliances around water is not always a safe choice. Another alternative? Try soaking a towel in hot water and wrapping it around the frozen area.
  3. Exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom help keep moisture in your house at bay but they need to be clear to do their job effectively. If replacement isn’t an option, try giving the screens on the outside of them a really good cleaning. The brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner works well for the bathroom fan, but the one in the kitchen is often covered in cooking grease and may require a long soak in hot, soapy water.
  4. Clogged drains can be cleared up like magic with a couple of Alka Seltzer tablets with a vinegar chaser. We have it on good authority that the same trick also works as a scrub-free way to clean the toilet.
  5. Cracks in the wall are ugly to look at, but drywall repairs are a pain. For a really quick temporary fix, try mixing good old crazy glue with some baking soda to fill small cracks. When dry it’s as easy to sand and paint over as the more expensive, less readily available spackle.

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    Image courtesy of akeeris / FreeDigitalPhotos.net