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What home improvement projects are still safe?

By June 28, 2020July 1st, 2020No Comments

A lot has changed due to COVID-19, and some of these changes may last for some time to come. As Alberta continues to make progress towards Stage 3 of the provincial plan to re-launch after COVID-19, there is still reason to exercise caution so that we can move safely together to a sense of business as usual as soon as possible.

However, now that warmer weather is here, there are probably some items on your to-do list that you might not want to put off any longer. Here are some home improvement projects that you can still have done this year, while keeping a safe social distance. 

Exterior doors and windows

Winter can be really hard on exterior doors and windows, especially in areas like the caulking around door frames and window sills. Leaving it alone can lead to moisture damage to the areas that hold the windows and doors in place, and that’s something terribly inconvenient to address later! Luckily, caulking around doors and windows is a relatively easy DIY project if you can access the areas that need new caulking. 

Roof evaluation and repair

Because it is exposed to all the elements, all the time, the roof is also an area that requires attention to avoid having a small problem turn into a big one. A visual inspection of the roof from the ground can help you spot any signs of trouble, like missing or damaged shingles. If you do notice any issues, a roofing contractor can complete an inspection of the roof and often complete any repairs and accept payments, all without having any in-person contact. 

Driveways and walkways

The rapid temperature changes that come when winter gives way to spring can lead to cracks in driveways and walkways. If you’re not prepared to spend the money to replace it, if the weather cooperates you can add a layer of sealant to protect it for now.

Parging repairs and replacements

Parging is another surface that can be greatly affected by the harsh winter elements here in Edmonton. We are still accepting bookings for the busy summer parging season during this recommended period of social distancing. However, for your safety and the safety of our work crews, we have moved to a contactless business process only. Read our recent post to learn what to expect.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and we determine the best course of action to repair or replace your parging, and stay safe!