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The Perfect Parge Coat

By August 25, 2014May 20th, 2015No Comments

Every great building starts with a great foundation. The thing with those great foundations, those solid, formidable structures, is that they tend to favour function over form. Think of the most solid building you can imagine. You’re probably envisioning a fortress made of cinder blocks. Solid, impenetrable and… ugly. So when it comes to your home or office, where do you draw the line between solid and attractive?

Thankfully, with expert parging services, you don’t have to choose what works well over what looks good. A quality parging job protects the foundation and looks good while doing it.
You could spend a lot of time looking around for the perfect parge coat. The fact is that the perfect coat doesn’t exist. Or at least there’s no secret formula that we could publish that would allow you to mix up a batch and be on your way tomorrow. Being a parging expert means having the trained eye to know that the blend of cement, masonry sand and water is just right for the moisture level in the air today. It means knowing that, given the temperature outside today, the parging that has already been applied is dry enough to go back and do any patchwork. Better still, it’s having the skill to apply it right the first time so patchwork isn’t necessary.

J and J Coatings has been providing expert parging services for nearly a decade in Edmonton. We have the experience to “just know” when the conditions are right, or when they’re not. It’s the kind of knowledge that only comes with a lot of experience. It’s definitely not something you’re going to learn in an hour or two of surfing YouTube.

Why Choose the Parging Experts?

When you’ve had bad experiences with parging companies who can only talk the talk, you might find yourself calling around for someone to make repairs time and time again. You might wonder why you shouldn’t just do this job yourself. We can answer that question for you… Parging helps protect the foundation of your home or office from the elements.

When you’re tired of waking up one fine spring day to discover chunks of your parge coat has fallen off your house, again, it’s time to really evaluate the company you’re hiring. Ask the questions we suggest you ask of any contractor. Ask for references. Ask how long they’ve been in business. If you’re not in Edmonton or the surrounding area, ask us what we think of their answers to your questions.

The bottom line is that you need a professional job done on your parge coat to protect your biggest investment. Don’t leave it to chance! The materials that keep the people inside your home or office safe and dry are just too important!

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