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Can Paint Take the Place of Parging?

By October 3, 2017August 2nd, 2020No Comments

It should come as no surprise to learn that we read a lot of news about parging. Yes, because we want to keep an eye on the industry to ensure our business practices are current, but also because we’re legitimately interested in staying on top of what’s happening in our industry.

Sometimes, the articles we read about parging are informative and help us do a better job for our customers. And sometimes, the advice given is just plain bad. For example, we already know that parging is more than just a cosmetic treatment, but if you are interested in increasing aesthetic appeal, please do not paint your foundation without parging it first!

Painted PargingWhy Not Paint Concrete?

Applying parging to foundation walls helps to provide a first layer of defense against the exterior elements. Yes, parging will break down over time because concrete does not have an unlimited lifespan, but a properly applied parge coat will last for a very long time. When it begins to show some signs of wear, often the best choice will be to replace it altogether. The difference between masonry finishes and other exterior finish materials is that they are porous. That means they expand and contract and transfer moisture.

Paint, and especially acrylic paint, does not have these moisture-transferring properties. That means if the paint cracks, and it will, water can seep behind it and has nowhere to go. The result is the potential to damage the foundation with a condition commonly known as spalling. You can probably guess that spalling isn’t anything good, but knowing what it means can save you a bundle when you’re interviewing Edmonton parging contractors.

What is Concrete Spalling?

Spalling is a condition that refers to concrete that has become pitted or flaked. The cause is nearly always environmental factors like a non-porous material, or a poor mix at the time of installation. While the result can be just a cosmetic issue, if left unchecked, spalling can also lead to structural damage. When treating your concrete or cinder block foundation, make sure the material used is one like a properly applied parge coat to ensure the long-term health of your property.


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