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Where Can Parging be Used in the Home?

By December 19, 2015May 13th, 2024No Comments

We get a lot of questions about parging. That’s understandable because we’re the Edmonton parging experts! One of the questions about parging that comes up quite often is exactly where it can be used around the house.

Most people are familiar with the application of parging around the exterior foundation walls. That’s definitely the most common use of parging, especially in Edmonton and the surrounding area, because it helps to protect the foundation from the harsh winter elements. But really, there are many uses for parging, in and out of the house.

Practical Applications for Parging

To properly cure, parging needs temperatures that are consistently well above zero for a few days. While we can all hold out hope, that’s unlikely to happen around here until the spring. You can still plan to have the parging redone on your house in the spring, but for now, you’re going to have to shelve that project. Unless…

What you’re hoping to do is parging basement walls to cover up an unfinished surface. There are a lot of benefits to this home improvement project, and they go well beyond how it looks. In fact, parging basement walls can help lower your utility bills by adding another layer of insulation in the building. Who doesn’t love that idea?

Edmonton Parging: Where Can Parging be Used in the Home?

The Difference Between Parging and Other Finishes

The difference between parging and stucco is subject to a lot of confusion. Let’s clear that up right now. Both are masonry finishes that are applied to the home, more commonly on the exterior, but also used inside.

Parging is a masonry-based mortar that is used to shield more vulnerable areas of the building from ice, rain and snow. An example of a vulnerable area is the spot where the foundation meets the ground. Parging can also be used to fill small cracks, or seal up air leaks to help keep warm air in, and cold air out. Though the foundation walls near the ground are where parging is most commonly used, it can be applied to virtually any vertical surface.

Stucco has been around since the days of ancient Rome. Older applications were pretty finicky and prone to chips and cracks. Newer applications are reinforced with acrylic, which is tougher, but also requires professional application and maintenance.

The concepts of parging and stucco are similar, but the uses are different, and the applications of both are best left in the hands of professionals.

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