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Parging & Exterior Design

Parging and Exterior Design

Parging is often used to cover exposed portions of foundations that are visible or above grade. This allows for extra protection for foundations and has the added benefit of giving a building an orderly, finished appearance. Parging can also be used on exterior or structural walls. It can be utilized on both commercial and residential properties to protect the foundation from damage. However, did you know, it could also be applied in a decorative manner to accentuate the look and feel of the building or surrounding architecture?

Choose From a Variety of Parging Colours and Textures
Parging cement can vary its ingredients to change the appearance of the final product. Materials that add strength, or have different concrete mix ratios can be applied depending on the end goal and the purpose of the application itself. Colour variations are common, and, since it’s advised not to paint parging after the fact, choosing your colour during the application process will help you achieve the variation you desire right from the start.

Our work is backed by the best quality assurance in the industry. Our customers enjoy a 30-year conditional warranty on all parging services, at no added cost.

Cement Parging

Cement parging is a foundation parging mix that typically comes pre-mixed and contains ingredients that make it easy to work with and improve its adherence capabilities. There is also Type N mortar that is basically the same mix used in bricklaying. Cement parging is known to adhere very well to surfaces and, in the case of Type N mortar, can be purchased in pre-coloured combinations. This allows for a bit of flexibility for those who wish to achieve a specific look and feel.

Texture is another way to add visual interest to your parging. Using a trowel, a professional can create a desired texture or carefully layer it smoothly. Other instruments, such as a plasterer’s rake or broom can also add to the variety of texture that can be created on the parged surface.

At J & J Coatings, we want you to be happy with the finished product regarding both look and functionality. Whether you’d like a smooth and polished surface, or something that contains more colour or texture, we can help. Our team of professionals is well versed on parging and how to manipulate the materials to achieve various effects.

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